SVGV, formarly known under the name SAGA, is a united East-Asian DJ/Vocal duo which consists of two members, RAMY, a vocalist from South-Korea, and TRIRION, a Producer/DJ from Japan.














Nicola is a fashion director who has attracted global attention by helping make Lady Gaga a top star.
In an attempt to discover a Japanese version of Lady Gaga, he held the "POP ICON PROJECT TOKYO", where three members were selected to create a unit.

The unit's artistic name, "color-code", refers to a string of characters in computer language that is used to express "colors" on web pages,
and has a meaning of being a "unit that expresses various different colors", and being a "universal unit".

Adding Nicola's "fantasy" (the extraordinary) to the three members' individual characteristics and street reality, creates a visual of "pop stars from Tokyo".
Through this approach, they will be disseminated to the world as "artists = icons localized in various parts of the world".


辻川奈々実(Nanami Tsujikawa)
Date of birth : December 3, 1991
Hometown : Osaka prefecture
Special abilities : Dancing (JAZZ HIPHOP), cooking, putting on makeup
Hobbies : Choreography, photography, fashion


安川摩吏紗(Marisa Yasukawa)
Date of birth : January 9, 1993
Hometown : Chiba prefecture
Special abilities : Chugging (water), being normal
Hobbies : Dancing, reading, studying, painting, sleeping


森安眞子(Mako Moriyasu)
Date of birth : February 10, 1992
Hometown : Osaka prefecture
Special abilities : Dancing (JAZZ HIPHOP), giving massages
Hobbies : People-watching, delusions, watching aura colors





Here are SVGV short profile in english :

Vocals : Ramy ( Korea )
DJ/Producer : TRIRION ( Japan )

Vocals: PEACH (China)

SVGV, formarly known under the name SAGA, is a united East-Asian DJ/Vocal group which consists of three members, RAMY, a vocalist from South-Korea, and TRIRION, a Producer/DJ from Japan, And PEACH, a vocalist from China.

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HENG - Solo Artist

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DJ K (Japan)


Hi. I'm DJ of open format style.
I like EDM,Hip Hop,R&B,Trap,Pop's & Trance.

Open FormatスタイルでDJをしているDJのKです。


His soundcloud can be found here -









The Living Tombstone


The Living Tombstone is most notably known for his involvement as a "Brony" DJ.  His Brony Remixes and Non=Brony music alike are incredible.  With over 60 THOUSAND followers on Facebook, This DJ is by far our most popular and we are VERY happy to have received written permission to air ANY and ALL his works on our station.    


You can Follow The Living Tombstone at the following


The Living Tombstone
Israel based Music Producer and Composer 





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