Upcoming Events

Conapalooza - Pop culture convention
October 13th through the 15th of 2017 in Bristol, VA

Neko - Anime convention
November 3rd through the 5th of 2017 in Hampton, VA
Partnering with ACV for press and media coverage

Yama - Anime convention
December 1st through the 3rd of 2017 in Pigeon Forge, TN

G2K Games - Every Magic pre-release
Every Saturday of a pre-release

Power 945 started in 1999 on Dial-Up as a top 40 radio station with only 4 listner slots at 8k bit rate!
We disbanded in 2001 but returned in 2007 and decided to focus on our passion for asian culture.

Founders: Jason Ryan Kermit Swan
Photographer: Brandon Whitley
Remix DJ: Amanda Howard and Matthew Howard
Designer: Bethany Thomasson
Web Developer: Kellye Tolliver

We've been featured at Chatta-con, Neko-con, Ring of Fire Con, Rob-con, Yama-con, ETSU-con, Shika-con, Tri-cities Anime Con, Conapalooza, and Anime Central.
We were involved in Chatta-con's Rave and partner with Animve Convention and Anime Convention Video.
Our first convention as a feature guest was Conapalooza!